About WorldSkills Kazakhstan

        The mission of the WorldSkills Kazakhstan is to create mechanisms to staff high-tech industries with technical professionals, based on international standards, including professional orientation mechanisms, personnel training, and the formation of expert communities and improve labor productivity.

Main goals:

  1. Identification of global best professional trainings for young people and their implementation in technical vocational education and training (hereinafter -TVET) of the Kazakhstan;
  2. Stimulation of innovative processes and introduction of new learning technologies in the TVET system of Kazakhstan;
  3. Development of Kazakhstan expert community through regular methodical assistance on the improvement of training programs;
  4. Improvement of status of human of labor and prestige of technical professions.


  1. Conduct a benchmarking of the best world standards of training for technical professions of high-tech industries;
  2. Introduce to companies modern standards of competency assessment of workers, training, motivation and professional orientation of current and future employees;
  3. Provide to Kazakhstani specialists access to the international database of professional standards on a wide range of professional competencies;
  4. Organize the participation of Kazakhstan in international competitions of professional skills among students and young professionals of industries;
  5. Update the national and professional standards and educational programs in accordance with international requirements;
  6. Prepare the experts and supervisors in industries, which are able to organize improvement of quality of domestic skills competitions with WorldSkills procedures;
  7. Improve the quality of vocational education;
  8. Improving skills and expanding the boundaries of knowledge of young people.

Expected results:

  1. Open access to innovative forms of training;
  2. Provide an opportunity to familiarize with the global best practices of professional training and high skills;
  3. Enhancing the experience of participation in national and international professional skills competitions;
  4. Facilitate the integration of the Kazakhstan TVET system with international best training practices;
  5. Provide the possibility to Kazakhstan TVET system enter to world training established standards.