Announcement on attracting and selecting foreign partners

The selection of foreign partners is carried out from among foreign organizations or foreign educational institutions from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries involved in the training and / or certification of personnel, the development of standards in industries that correspond to the list of 100 popular professions (specialties).

Foreign partners (organizations) wishing to participate in the Project submit the following documents to the NCJSC Holding Kasipkor via e-mail

1) a document confirming the experience of training for the last 3 (three) years;

2) a document confirming the experience of personnel certification for the last 3 (three) years;

3) a document confirming membership at internationally recognized organizations for the accreditation of educational programs and / or organizations for the education and certification of personnel (recommended).

4) a letter with a price offer. The letter includes consent to the following functions:

– assessment of the current state of TVET organizations and assistance in the preparation of training programs to comply with international standards;

– providing requirements for industry accreditation of TVET organizations;

– providing recommendations on the necessary equipment;

– training, support and evaluation of engineering and teaching staff in the declared profession;

– providing the necessary training materials for the training of engineering and teaching staff.

Documents will be accepted until October 27, 2019, at 14:00, (according to the time of the city of Nur-Sultan)

* Additional information on the Jas Maman Project can be obtained by calling: +7 (7172) 91-73-33, +7 (707)977 90 01