Department of development and content of VET education

General information about department of development and content of VET education

The department of development and content is independent structural subdivision in NPAS “Holding “Kasipkor”, since 20 May, 2016. The main objectives of the department are:
1. To be engaged in developing and implementing of unified state policy in the field of VET;
2. To develop proposals for improving legislation system in VET education and staff training;
3. To define priority areas of development of VET content, to enrich with new ideas, approaches, technologies and methods, which is directed to renew the content of educational programmes;
4. To develop and update current curriculum and programmes of VET education, to improve educational programmes for VET and other educational centers of professional education in Kazakhstan.
5. To organize the expertise of educational programmes and current curricula, to analyze the compliance of curriculum content to legislative system of the country.
During 2016 the department of content and development of VET is engaged with following state orders:
 “Informational and analytical supplementation of Ministry’s action during modernization process of VET: implementation of applied bachelor”;
 “Services in updating of current curricula and educational programmes”;
The main aim of state order “Informational and analytical supplementation of Ministry’s action, during modernization of VET: implementation of applied bachelor” is to develop methodological proposals for development and implementation of “applied bachelor” programmes for integrating Higher education’s theory and VET education’s practice aspects. The work is done in partnership with experts form companies, higher education institutions and VET colleges.
During the dealing with sate order will be analyzed international experience in implementing of “applied bachelor” degree, will be analyzed current employers’ requirements on the degree of education and training of staff. It is ready to use methodology
The aim of the “Services in updating of current curricula and educational programmes” is to update 65 current curriculums and educational programmes, which is based on competence based modular system.
Within the framework of the state task the department of content and development of VET, is organizing the expertise of updated curricula Models and educational programmes. As experts are involved VET educational-methodical associations and employers’ unions, which is suggested by “National entrepreneurs Chamber “Atameken”. They are: Association of legal entities (ALE) “Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises”, ALE “The National Association for construction industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, ALE “Kazakhstan Association of Oil-Gas and Energy “KAZENERGY”, ALE “Kazakhstan Union of Chemical Industry”, ALE “Union of transport and logistics organizations and associations “KAZLOGISTICS”, ALE “Association of trading companies in Kazakhstan”, ALE “Association of Light Industry Enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, ALE “Association Food Industry of Kazakhstan”, ALE “Association “Forum of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan”, JSC “National info communication holding “Zerde”, Public Association “Union of Farmers of Kazakhstan”, LLP “Karaganda Engineering Consortium” , “Professional academy “Turan-Profi”, ALE “Kazakhstan Association of gardening”, ALE “Association of forest and timber processing companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Zhasyl Orman”, ALE “The Coalition for a “green economy” and development G-Global”, ALE “Association of Veterinarians”, LLP “Karaganda emergency rescue service”.
It is planned to update 65 specialties in 2016 and 2017, 58 in 2018, and 43 in 2019. So in general 231 specialties, which are included in National occupations Qualification, will be updated. Updated educational programmes are focused on learning outcomes; they will contribute to the formation of professional competencies, which is necessary for a specific workplace according to the needs of the labor market.