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Тhe іnternational practical-scientific conference «Digital Kazakhstan: global trends of digitalization and international experience»

In Zhambyl Polytechnic higher College held the international scientific and practical conference on the theme “Digital Kazakhstan: global trends of digitalization and international experience”, organized by the Department of education of akimat of Zhambyl region together with  Non-commercial Joint Stock Company  «Holding «Kasipkor»

As writed in the state program “Digital Kazakhstan”, improving the quality of public services is the most important anti – corruption aspects and increasing public confidence in the activities of public authorities.

The conference was attended by representatives of the Department of strategic development and monitoring «Holding  «Kasipkor»,  large regional enterprises, domestic and foreign scientists from Russia, the Philippines, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Turkey, more than 200 teachers of universities and organizations of technical and vocational education.

The participants of the conference were presented to the electronic terminal  «Open college»,  e-center of government services, competence centres, the area of honesty, organized within the framework of the project  «Sanaly Urpak», hall the «Constitution» karaoke center  « Sazdy auen», historical center  «Uly Dala orkenieti» and workshop of the college

At the plenary session of the conference “Digital Kazakhstan: global trends of digitalization and international experience” the main reports were heard and the sessions of the conference were continued to sectional part. The section carried out work in the following areas: international education platform, human capital development, intellectualization of energy systems “Smart Grid”, digital changes in the field of chemical technology, training in the conditions of digitalization of transport and logistics

The conference participants listened to and discussed the reports, determining the relevance of the topic. Summing up, they are developed recommendations for the implementation of international experience of digitalization. At the end of the conference, the participants were awarded letters with letters of thanks and certificates. Conference proceedings were published and distributed.


«Цифровизация в энергетической отрасли Российской Федерации»
Анкин Александр Вячеславович
Российская Федерация
Московский Энергетический Институт


«Online and blended realities in Kazakhstan»Victor Avasi (Виктор Аваси)
преподаватель Назарбаев Интеллектуальной школы


«Цифровизация химический отрасли Узбекистана»
Юсупова Рано  Иркинджановна
Республика Узбекистан
«Ташкентский педагогический институт»


Technological integration in the classroom» Эсторке Пристин
Жамбылский  Инновационный колледж


«Sanal gerçeklik ve arttırılmış  gerçeklik ile itimde inovasyon»
Мустафа Назым
Турция (в режиме онлайн)


«Стратегия развития дистанционного обучения ТарГУ им. М.Х.Дулати  в рамках реализации проекта «Цифровой университет»
Жидекулова Гулкыз Егеновна
Таразский государственный университет им.М.Х.Дулати