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About curriculum model and educational programmes’ expertise

Within the framework of the state task the department of content and development of VET, is organizing the expertise of updated curricula Models and educational programmes. As experts are involved VET educational-methodical associations and employers’ unions,  which is suggested by “National entrepreneurs Chamber “Atameken”. They are: Association of legal entities (ALE) “Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises”, ALE “The National Association for  construction industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, ALE “Kazakhstan Association of Oil-Gas and Energy “KAZENERGY”, ALE “Kazakhstan Union of Chemical Industry”, ALE “Union of transport and logistics organizations and associations “KAZLOGISTICS”, ALE “Association of trading companies in Kazakhstan”, ALE “Association of Light Industry Enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, ALE “Association Food Industry of Kazakhstan”, ALE “Association “Forum of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan”, JSC “National info communication holding “Zerde”, Public Association “Union of Farmers of Kazakhstan”,  LLP “Karaganda Engineering Consortium” , “Professional academy “Turan-Profi”, ALE “Kazakhstan Association of gardening”, ALE “Association of forest and timber processing companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Zhasyl Orman”, ALE “The Coalition for a “green economy” and development G-Global”,  ALE “Association of Veterinarians”, LLP “Karaganda emergency rescue service”.