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Republican seminar “Polylinguizm as a main priority of integration of geological branch into industrial and technological environment”

Fifteenth of March, 2018, a workshop was held on the topic “Polylinguizm as a main priority of integration of geological branch into industrial and technological environment”. It was as a part of the implementation of the Work Plan of the Republican Educational and Methodological Association on the profile “Geology and Mining” for 2018. The workshop based on KSCP “Semipalatinsk Geological Prospecting College” on the partnership with NCJSC “Holding “Kasipkor”, Education Department of East Kazakhstan Region and KSU “Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training of East Kazakhstan Region” and the college.

The workshop was attended by the representatives of educational and methodical work, methodologists, masters of industrial training, teachers of special disciplines and English from the cities of Taraz, Atyrau, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semey, Ridder, Shemonaiha, as well as representatives of rural colleges in the East Kazakhstan region.

The content of the workshop program included a generalization of practical experience in the implementation of experimental curricula for the training of mid-level specialists with knowledge of technical English language specialties 0701000 “Geological survey, search and exploration of mineral deposits” and 0704000 “Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits”.  In addition defining of the actual tasks of training on the profile of “Geology and mining of minerals” in accordance with the update of the content of education.

The practical seminar holds  following tasks:

– experience exchange in training competitive specialists of geological  branch, possessing language competence  on the basis of parallel learning  in Kazakh, Russian and English, capable to intercultural communication, mobile in  international educational sphere and  labor market;

– experience exchange in conducting final attestation of graduates (defense of special question of the diploma project in English);

– experience exchange in educational-methodological provision of subjects in groups with intensive learning of English;

– experience exchange in establishing of favourable conditions and students’ better adaptation to conditions of intercultural communication and polycultural society;

As a result of the workshop, recommendations were developed for the successful implementation and introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process of TVE organizations.