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Republican student scientific-practical conference “Modeling and sewing: history and new technologies”

February 16, 2018 in the city of Karaganda, on the basis of CSI “Karaganda College of Technology and Service”, the republican student scientific and practical conference on the topic: “Modeling and sewing: history and new technologies” was held. The main coordinator of this event was NCJSC “Holding “Kasipkor”.
The purposes of the Conference were to identify talented students interested in developing the competencies of practical research activities, to develop the creative potential of students and their skills to implement non-traditional approaches in the design of national clothes, office clothing, interior items, to exchange advanced pedagogical experience, and to support creatively working teachers on specialty 1211000 “Sewing production and modeling of clothes.”
Seven colleges from Karaganda region took part in the work of the Conference. These colleges train students in the specialty “Clothing manufacture and modeling of clothes”. Also, students and teachers from the “Taraz College of Technology and Service” and the Shymkent college of “Light Industry and Service” took part in the event.
Within the framework of the Conference, the students presented thematic reports and practical work with the demonstration of products manufactured in accordance with the “Worldskills” standards. Then, there was an introduction into the history of modeling, the use of new technologies, modern methods of modeling and tailoring, and the price affordability of the product for the consumer. Also, they presented a defile in creative national costumes, a defile of stylish office clothes, and interesting and original works of interior and decoration items.
It is worth mentioning the design idea and style of “Tomiris collection” made by Orasbay Dinars, student from the Shymkent Light Industry and Service College,
the “Ulttyk Zhangyru” collection of Dyssenbai Anel, student of the Karaganda State University College of Technology and Service, and the collection “Kok Mukhit” of student Zhakypbekova Tursunai from KSU “Temirtau Institute of Technology and Technology”. Guests of the Conference received memorable souvenirs “Needle with a golden thread” – a symbol of the Center of competence and regional methodical association of competence “Tailor”, created in 2017 on the basis of KSU “Karaganda college of technology and services.”
The conference provided the participants with the opportunity to communicate and exchange views of teachers on the problematic issues of training specialists on specialty of “Sewing production and modeling of clothes.” Within the framework of the conference, issues of further cooperation with the social partners of the college were discussed: the Karaganda State University named after E.A.Buketov, the Fashion House “Jaguar”, the Executive Council of the Consortium “Zhasampaz”, the LLP “ESCO”, LLP Saransk Sewing and Knitting Factory “Galex Plus”, LLP “Deldal”, LLP “Cartel.”

Also during the Conference, Memorandum of Mutually Beneficial Cooperation between the Taraz College of Service and Technologies and KSU Karaganda College of Technology and Service was signed, in accordance with which, both sides committed themselves to developing and strengthening cooperation in the field of creating professional communities and organizing network interaction on the translation of the best pedagogical experience in the training of personnel for the service sector.