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The pilot project “Internet of Things”


“Internet of Things – the concept of space where all of the analog and digital worlds can be combined, this will override our relationship with objects and properties, and the essence of the objects themselves.”  Rob Van Kranenburg.

Internet of Things is that what allows these objects to interact with each other to create your own little world. In other words,   Internet of Things – is not just a lot of different instruments and sensors connected to each other with wire line or wireless communication channels and Internet access. It is a closer integration of real and virtual worlds in which communication is made between people and devices.

Holding “Kasipkor”  jointly with Intel Corporation is implementing the project “Internet of Things” in Almaty State College of Power and Electronic Technologies.

After the implementation of the pilot project at the first partner college, the Holding “Kasipkor”will start expanding this project within 10 partner colleges. Thus begins the second phase of our collaboration with the Intel Corporation.

On the basis of the experience gained within the 10 partner colleges will create a business incubator Internet of things, the goal  of which is to promote and assist in the implementation of projects of students, as well as the organization of start-up projects on the Internet of things. In the case of successful process, all colleges of Kazakhstan will be involved during the third stage.

It is expected that in the future, ‘things’ become active participants in business, information and social processes, where they can interact and communicate with each other by sharing information about the environment, responding to and influencing the processes occurring in the world, without human intervention.

According to Rob van Kranenburg Internet of Things is a “four-layer cake.” Level 1 is associated with identification of each object. The 2nd level provides a service to service customer needs (can be regarded as a network of “things”, a particular example – the “smart home”). Level 3 associated with urbanization of city life, i.e. it is the concept of “smart city”, where all the information that concerns the residents of this city, is contracted to a specific residential area in your house and the neighbouring houses. Level 4 – sensor planet.