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For high quality education – a decent support

September 27, 2017 In NCE «Atameken» a seminar was held on the topic “Ratings as an effective tool for assessing the quality of universities and colleges”, in the work of which the adviser of Chairman of the Board of NCJSC «Holding «Kasipkor» G.N.Gamarnik took part and general manager of Management of strategic development and monitoring A. Shayhina. The moderator of the seminar was the Chairman of the Committee for Social Sphere and Social Partnership of NCE RK «Atameken» T.K. Doskenov.

In his speech, G. Gamarnik spoke about the “Condensed Ranking of Colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan” prepared by the holding, designed to assess the activities of educational institutions and create additional motivation for improving the quality educational services of TVE. Professor G. Gamarnik emphasized that this document was prepared in close cooperation with the NCE «Atameken» and is called upon to draw attention of the public and the employers to the issue and quality of the educational services.