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Vocational Education Exchange magazine February 2017

The Internet Journal “Vocational Education Exchange” is a joint project of the British Council, Non-commercial Joint Stock Company “Holding “Kasipkor” and National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken” in Kazakhstan.

This issue of journal is dedicated to addressing the needs of students. Schools and colleges can provide training opportunities for students with special needs in different ways. It can be training for future employment, suitable for all students, or the development of training programs and provision of learning resources to students with special educational needs.

In an inclusive environment, all students have the opportunity to attend regular classes at local educational institutions according to their age, receive the necessary support and participate in all aspects of life at the school. This may include the design and construction of educational institutions and classrooms, and the development of programmes and class activities to cover all students.

Non-commercial Joint Stock Company “Holding “Kasipkor” and the British Council are promoting the idea of inclusive education and supported several conferences and initiatives to ensure inclusion in the education system.

Take time to read some examples and apply our recommendations that will help you to meet the needs of your students.

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