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On the competitive selection of experts to conduct training courses for trainers within the framework of the state assignment to attract foreign experts in order to implement the «Zhas Maman» project

Educational institutions, companies and experts involved in the professional development of pedagogical staff of the system of technical and vocational education

Dear Colleagues,

The non-profit joint-stock company “Talap” (hereinafter – the Company), performs the State Task of implementing the project “Zhas maman” (hereinafter – the Project). This Project is aimed at modernizing technical and vocational education and training (hereinafter – TVET).

The state task provides for the involvement of 2 experts (hereinafter – the Experts), from among foreign experts and representatives of foreign TVET organizations and other foreign education providers with experience in conducting professional development courses for teachers, mentors and trainers. Experts are recruited from among the residents of the European Union countries implementing EQAVET, since this system is aimed at creating an effective vocational education system, contributes to improving the quality of VET graduates.

The main task of Experts is to organize and conduct online training seminar of 72 hours, for at least 40 trainers. At the end of the training seminar, the trainers will receive a certificate and will, in the future, implement the “cascade method of training”.

The training seminar will be held in frame of two programs:

– 1 expert for training trainers under a program that in the future allows organizing and conducting development courses for heads of TVET organizations (at least 20 trainers);

– 1 expert for training trainers under a program in the future allows organizing and conducting development courses for teachers of TVET organizations (at least 20 trainers).

Experts should develop drafts of programs for the training seminar on the topics outlined in the provided Price Offer Form (Appendix 1).

The package of documents for participation in the procedure of Expert Selection is to be provided in electronic form and includes the following documents:

1) a questionnaire completed in accordance with Appendix 2;

2) a copy of a document that confirms the work experience in the TVET system or in other organizations dealing with the problems of labor force development and / or TVET;

3) a copy of the diploma(s) that confirms the achieved level of education and academic degree (if any);

4) copies of documents that confirm participation in the development and examination of educational programs of advanced training courses for teachers and heads of TVET organizations over the past five years;

5) a document that confirms the experience in conducting advanced training courses for teachers and/or mentors and/or trainers in TVET institutions for the past three years;

6) the representatives of foreign organizations of TVET institutions must provide a confirmation of participation in the competition, approved by the CEO of the organization.

7) the applicant should provide a draft of the educational program (72 hours) corresponding to the direction in which he/she participates.

The amount of money allocated to pay for the work of two experts is 9,150,000.00 ₸ tenge (nine million one hundred fifty thousand ₸ tenge), taking into account value added tax, that is, the amount for one expert will be 4,575,000,00 ₸ tenge (four million five hundred seventy-five thousand ₸ tenge).

For any questions, please call: 8 (7172) 91 73 24; 91 73 06; 91-73-32; 91 73 07.

Proposals for cooperation please send to the e-mail address: with the note “Zhas maman”. The deadline for the proposal is 20.07.2021.

Appendix 1

Price Offer

for the organization and conduct of training seminar “Training program for leaders of organizations of TVET” – 72 hours

Service list Price

(in US dollars)

1 Provision of educational services on conducting a training seminar for 20 trainers on the topics aimed at the development of educational management:

– basics of management and leadership, including principles and methods of project management in TVET organizations, risk management, change management;

– methods of strategic planning and digitalization of educational process in the TVET system;

– principles of pedagogical management in the 21st century for the heads of TVET organizations;

– foreign experience of modern pedagogical theories implementation;

– the role of leaders in change management and in ensuring the growth of faculty potential;

– Quality assurance of educational process in TVET system based on international experience, including EQAVET;

– Methodology of forming personal qualities of a manager, which ensure effective professional development of the head of TVET organization.

2 Provision of educational services on conducting a training seminar for 20 trainers on the topics aimed at training of the TVET teachers:

– features of modern pedagogy and teaching methods in TVET institutions: digitalization of learning, student-centered learning, innovative methods of assessing learning outcomes;

– definition of strategies and teaching method, taking into account the needs of students;

– demonstration of the best foreign experience in teaching practice;

– principles and mechanisms for the formation of relationships between education and production, taking into account the needs of the local labor market;

– foreign experience in the development of educational programs, training planning based on competencies;

– the basic principles of the credit-modular training system;

– methods of continuous professional development of a teacher.





Appendix 2



For foreign specialist in order to participate in the competitive selection

 Full Name  
Date of Birth  
Contact information (phone numbers (mobile, work, home phone (at least 2)
Education, specialty by education  
academic degree  
Place of work  
Position at work  
Work experience (general and by specialty)  
You can be recommended (name, position, mobile number, etc. phone)
additional information  
Digital and computer skills  


  1. Brief information about your employment
Date (years) Position, place of work
  1. Participation in the development and examination of educational literature, projects, professional standards, educational programs of advanced training courses for teachers and managers of vocational education organizations, accreditation.
Name years


  1. Conducting refresher courses, trainings, training seminars, etc. for teachers and managers of TVET organizations


Topics years


  1. Author’s publications on the profile (direction) corresponding to the responsibilities of the Expert:
date Name Publisher

(magazine, newspaper, internet resource)


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