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The Participation of the National team of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the International EuroSkills Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden  

WorldSkills is an international movement,  76 countries participate this movement. Its main purpose is to promote and enhance the status of working professions.  The movement of WorldSkills, including EuroSkills, attracts young people to the development of working professions and allow  young professionals of the country to demonstrate obtained professional skills and competencies in the global arena.

In 12-15 September 2016 the National Championship WorldSkills Kazakhstan was organized by the National operator of the NCJSC  “Holding” Kasіpkor ”  together with the Ministry of Education and Science. In 2016, Kazakhstan became a member of the International Association of EuroSkills and received an invitation  to the championship in the city of Gothenburg (Sweden).

This event was held within the framework of the Plan of the Nation “100 concrete steps”  of  President of Kazakhstan  NA Nazarbayev to fulfill orders to increase the working capacity and the formation of the society of universal labor.

Members of the national team, formed on the basis of the National championship, will take part in the international championship EuroSkills on 5 categories: “bricklaying”, “dry construction and plastering work”, “tiling”, “welding” “electric installation work”.

From Kazakhstan in the championship 5 contestants will take part:

Ushkempirov Zhaksylyk Maratovich  from  “Karaganda technical-building college”, Karaganda – the competence of “tiling”;

Mataev Almaz Kalymtaevich  from the College of Municipal Economy “Turan-Profi”, Astana – competence “Welding work”;

Habatay Aibek Aubakіrulu  from  “Construction College”, East Kazakhstan  – competence “Bricklaying”;

Smirnov Evgeny from North Kazakhstan vocational training college, North Kazakhstan – “dry construction and plastering work”;

Orynbai Salamat Sarsenbaiulu  from “Almaty State College of energy and electronic technologies”, Almaty – “Electrical work”.

As part of preparations for the International EuroSkills   the training camp  for the Kazakh candidates of the National team of Kazakhstan was organized by the international championship.

28 countries will take part in the international competition. November 30, 2016 will be an official opening ceremony.

The competitive part will be held from 1 to 3 December 2016. Official closing ceremony of the International Championship will be held December 4, 2016.

For any questions please contact:

1) Rysbetova Nazim – email:  +77752089439.

Concerning the organization of filming and refinement of the program of international championships in Gothenburg:

2) Oryngali Riza – email:  +77028524884.

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