Educational programs

One of major factors of successful development TVET educational model and infrastructure in Kazakhstan is adequacy of the content of educational programs to enquires of developing national economy and to the international requirements.

Respectively, implementation of the new educational programs developed by the NJC “Kasipkor Holding” (further – Holding) on the basis of modular and competence-based approach, is connected with updating of the TVET content , which is one of the key directions of ensuring quality training.

These programs are developed by Holding according to the international requirements and offset Kazakhstani employers’ demands. So far, 74 new educational programs for various current specialties have been developed. A basis of new educational programs is modular and competence-based approach.

List of the educational programs designed by

NJSC “Holding “Kasipkor” in 2012-2018 years

Year Specialty Strategic partner
1. 2012 Petroleum Engineering Technology SAIT Polytechnic, Canada
2. Chemical Engineering Technology
3. Power System Electrician
4. Power and Process Operations
5. Gas process operation
6. Rig Technician
7. Instrumentation Engineering Technology
8. Electrical Engineering Technology
9. Instrumentation Technician
10. Production Field Operation
11. Millwright
12. Heavy Equipment Technician
  Year Specialty Strategic partner
13. 2013 Catering service Pearson, Great Britain
14. Hospitality: hotel/restaurant management
15. Tourism
16. Event organization and management
17. Industrial Mechanics
18. Mechatronics
19. Precision Engineering
20. Construction mechanics     TAFE, Australia
21. Heating, air-conditioning/ventilation
22. Water supply & water dumps
23. Computer Networks and Telecommunications
24. Programming
25. Computing Machinery and Computer Equipment
26. Information Security
Year Specialty Strategic partner
27. 2014 Microelectronics and Mobile Devices TAFE, Australia
28. Traditional Energy GIZ, Gearmany
29. Renewable Energy
30. High Voltage Networks
31. Low Voltage Networks
32. Product Design TVET UK, Great Britain
33. Landscape Design
34. Construction Design
35. Interior Design Pearson, Great Britain
36. Mechanical Operations
37. Automobile production
Year Specialty Strategic partner
38. 2015 Grain elevator, flour, cereals and mixed fodder production GIZ, Gearmany
39. Storage and processing of fruits and vegetables
40. Construction and operation of buildings and structures RIPO, Belorussia
41. Foundry
42. Mine Surveying
43. Electrical equipment of electrical power station and networks LD DIDACTIC, Gearmany
44. Chemical technology and production
45. Flexible automatic lines
Year Specialty Strategic partner
46. 2016 Standardization, metrology and certification DM Dudley College Great Britain
47. Maintenance and repair of telecommunications equipment and household appliances (of the fi elds) DM
48. Productions of meat and meat products DM
49. Automation and control DM
50. Production of concrete and metal products DM DREBERIS GmbH Gearmany
51. Furniture manufacturing DM
52. Farming DM
53. Electrification and automation of agriculture DM
Year Specialty Strategic partner
54  2017 Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals (Nuclear Fuel Refining) DM Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University (Russia)
55 Metalworking (fuel assemblies) DM
56 Engineering graphics (web-design) DM
57 Computer Facilities and Software (by types) DM “OPM – Operative – management” (Germany – Poland)
58 Information Systems DM
59 Fishing industry (according to type) DM
60 Logistics (on branch) DM
61 Manufacturing of milk products DM
Year Specialty Strategic partner
62 2018 Agricultural Ecology DM “OPM –Operative Project-Management” (Germany-Poland)
63 Agricultural Enterprises Computerization and Automation DM
64 Agricultural Biotechnologies DM
65 Mechatronics and robotics (by industries) DM
66 Hoisting-and-Transport, Constructional Road facilities and Equipment DM
67 Construction and Maintenance of Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities DM
68 Digital Design and Modeling in Construction DM
69 “Additive Manufacturing Technologies” DM Institute for Comple-mentary Education of Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
70 Manufacturing Technologies of Composite Materials and Products DM
71 Metalworking Production Technology DM
72 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operation DM “Training center Part-FCL” (Ukraine)
73 Technology of Production and Agricultural Plant Growing Processing DM Agricultural University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria,
74 Waste Processing DM Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland