Development strategy

of NCJSC “Holding “Kasipkor”

for 2012-2021 years




Comprehensive assistance to the processes of development and modernization of technical and vocational education.


Strategic direction 1:

Updating the content of technical and vocational education process


  1. Development of new educational programs.
  2. Update of typical curriculums and programs.
  3. Development of educational programs of applied bachelor degree.
  4. Develop special training programs for the assimilation of work qualifications by persons with special educational needs.
  5. The introduction of credit technology of training and ensuring the continuity of educational programs of secondary, post-secondary and higher education levels.
  6. Training and methodological support and maintenance of the educational process.


Strategic direction 2:

Improving the quality of teaching of technical and vocational education


  1. Study level model of training engineering and teaching staff and managers of TVET institutions.
  2. Achieving compliance to quality engineering and pedagogical staff of TVET requirements to the profession, including professional standards.
  3. Create, continuous monitoring and regular updating of engineering and pedagogical staff of TVET database.


Strategic direction 3:

Enhancing the prestige and efficiency of technical and vocational education


  1. Interaction with the business community.
  2. Participation in the development of professional standards.
  3. Participation in the project implementation of free TVET.
  4. Promoting vocational career – guidance system.
  5. Development of the system of monitoring and evaluation of satisfaction with the quality of TVET education.
  6. Development of the WorldSkills movement in Kazakhstan.
  7. Information and analytical support of Kazakhstan’s participation in the Turin process.


Strategic direction 4:

The development of existing educational institutions of technical and vocational education on-demand and innovative areas of the economy


  1. Ensuring the implementation of the development strategy of LLP “Higher College APEC PetroTechnic» in Atyrau.
  2. Establishment of training together with foreign experts in accordance with the message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  3. Assist in the creation of a local accreditation body and the passage of accreditation of TVET educational organizations.
  4. Create platforms of interaction of country colleges (online resource) on the modernization of TVET.
  5. The introduction of the ranking system (rating) in TVET educational organizations.


Development strategy of the non-commercial joint stock company “Holding “Kasipkor” for the 2012-2021 years