Acting President

Ermek B. Kuzenbayev

Ermek B. Kuzenbayev was born in Zhanabazar village of Kazygurtsky region of Southern Kazakhstan oblast.

In 2003 he graduated from Elshibek batyr school lyceum with honors.

In 2007 he graduated from Yasawi International Kazakh-Turkish University, the major “Public and local administration”.

Labor career began since April, 2008 in the Ministry of Economy and budget planning of RK as an expert and a chief expert of Education Development Management of Social Sphere Development Department.

Later he headed Social Policy Management of Education Science, Culture, Tourism and Sport Development Management in Social Policy and Government Bodies Development Department of the Ministry of Economy and budget planning of RK. He addresses the questions of the fiscal policy and performing reporting, budget planning and budgetary analysis system. He participated in formation of the list of priority republican budgetary investments and in target transfers distribution from the republican budget on local budgetary investments realization in education and sciences, in State program of education development for 2011-2020, “Balapan” program for 2010-2014. He carried out monitoring and assessment of program document implementation in education, science and youth policy.

Also he worked as a senior manager in Project Management Department of the NC JSC “Holding Kasipkor”. He organized the work with the partners of Holding, carried out the analysis of technical and vocational training (TVET) system development, its modernization, and also creation of the successful TVET educational institution.

Since July, 2014 he was appointed as director of “Interregional Professional Center of Preparation, Retraining and Professional Development of Staff” in Atyrau.

Since April, 2015 he was a director of “Higher Technical School APEC Petrotechnic”.

Since November, 2018 he was appointed as an acting CEO of the NC JSC “Holding Kasipkor”.