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Internet magazine «Vocational Education Exchange» in Kazakhstan

In October 4, 2016 was a meeting of the staff of NJSC «Holding «Kasipkor» with representatives of the British Council in Kazakhstan.
During the meeting the cooperation of the NJSC «Holding «Kasipkor» and the British Council was discussed, aimed at improving the English proficiency of students, teachers and managers of Kazakhstani colleges. The work will be carried out to establish a partnership between Kazakhstani colleges and colleges in the UK.
Also during the meeting the monthly launch of the new «Vocational Education Exchange» of online magazine in Kazakhstan was discussed, which is a joint project of the British Council, «Holding «Kasipkor» and the JSC «National Chamber of Entrepreneurs «Atameken».
Considering the fact that youth employment issues in Kazakhstan are becoming increasingly important, such a journal is an excellent platform for the publication of news in the field of vocational training. This magazine – an initiative to exchange views and ideas on the future of vocational education and associations of professionals in the field of TVET in the UK and Kazakhstan.
What is going to offer an online journal «Vocational Education Exchange»?
• the ability to get new concepts in the field of TVET in the UK;
• the opportunity to discuss questions with other colleagues;
• the opportunity to share their ideas for improving the employability of young people with other colleagues through writing an article in accordance with the criteria;
• the opportunity to receive training base materials.
The theme of the first issue of the magazine is “Engaging Employers” from which people can learn more about some of the challenges faced by the sector of the VET in the UK. The 1st release can be found at the following link
The journal is published on the British Council website in Kazakh, Russian and English languages, free of charge. You can make an individual subscription online newsletter and receive the magazine directly to your email, and be aware of the news! The theme of the next issues of the journal will be:
Meeting Student Needs: ensuring that all young people – regardless of educational needs or disabilities; mental or physical health challenges; socio-economic or geographic barriers to participation – have access the skills they need for meaningful employment.
Professional Development: ensuring that teachers, trainers and leaders in the vocational and technical education sector meet the challenges of rapid change, we would like to explore the concept of dual professionalism, approaches to active learning, the importance of bringing together research and practice and innovative ways of integrating professional development into busy working lives.
If you want to publish in the magazine, you will need to prepare the material on these topics, and according to the criteria, and sent by e-mail to the address: и

Your material may be provided in the form of:
– Articles
– Tips List
– Curriculum and other educational materials
– Analysis of cases
– An interview with one of your colleagues or students
– Video
– Podcast.

Receiving the materials, conducts on an ongoing basis, but if you want to be published in the January or February issue, you must send the material until the 8th of December 2016. Materials are accepts in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. Materials in English and in interesting formats (in addition to writing articles) will be particularly welcome.

If you have questions you can contact the following contacts:

Daniyar Mukitanov | Manager of projects in educational spheres
T +7 (727) 244-41-44
Zhanar Zhaksylykova| Coordinator of projects in educational spheres
T +7 (717) 255-20-77